• How many students are included in the enrollment fee?

    The price of the course is per household, so feel free to use it for the entire family. However, it is violating the Terms and Conditions to share your log in and password with people outside of your household. Please honor this. A lot of time and effort was put into the creation of this course, and in order to be able to continue offering content, I need to ask that you please only use this course for members of your household. Thank you!

  • What age should my child be to take this course?

    I originally designed the material for ages 7-13. The look and feel of the course is geared towards that age group. However, I have had several high school students use the course, and I’ve also taught some of the same lessons to adults. Essentially, it’s a great place to start for anyone of any age who is looking for a basic overview of finances. Some lessons may be a bit too simple for more advanced students, but there’s some great material that’s useful for all ages.

  • I’m a teacher. Can I share this course with my students?

    Yes! We’d love to have as many kids learn this material as possible! We’ve have great success with teachers using this in the past. Keep in mind, however, that the price for the course listed on this website is for household use only. If you would like to use this course for your class, please reach out to me ([email protected]), and I would be happy to give you a customized plan that would accommodate your needs.

  • Do I need to enter any personal information about my child to gain access to this course?

    Definitely not. I’m a mother, and I understand the importance of protecting the privacy of your child. Sign up using your own name and email address. You will never be asked for any personal information regarding your child.

  • Does my child need to have any prior knowledge about money?

    No. This can be their first introduction to money. We start with the basics. It also can be a great review, at times, for older children who’ve had some experience with money and money lessons.

  • What skills will my child need to have to complete this course?

    They just need to know how to read and write, and do some basic math. Some kids will need a little more assistance than others.

  • Do I need to watch the videos with my child?

    It’s up to you. The lessons were designed so that a child could understand the concepts on their own, however, parent involvement will greatly enhance the course, and make a big difference. The best way to help your child remember what they’ve learned in the course is to incorporate it into your life. It will help a great deal if you know and understand the things they are learning about, so that you can have your own conversations about the lessons at home and really personalize the education as they see examples of what they’re learning in the world around them – such as going to the bank or seeing you use a debit card.

  • Does it come with a printed workbook?

    No. It comes with a downloadable PDF file. The workbook is a total of 64 pages. There are several options when it comes to printing. Click here for a full explanation.

  • What if I buy the course, and I don’t like it?

    I sure hope that doesn’t happen, but above all, I want you to be happy and feel that you received more than your money’s worth when buying this course. A lot of love went into the creation of this course, and I stand by what I offer. If, for any reason at all, you decide that this course did not live up to your expectations, simply send me an email at: learn@orangeowlacademy, and I will promptly issue you a full refund.