Teacher Taylor

Hi! My name is Laurie Taylor (known as “Teacher Taylor” to my students), founder of Orange Owl Academy. I am passionate about educating children, especially when it comes to teaching about money.

As a mom of three young boys, I used to worry that they were not being educated financially, and I knew this was a problem for a lot of families. I decided to make it my mission to provide the easiest way possible for parents to help teach their kids about money, and Orange Owl Academy was born.

While our current education system can be useful and effective in certain ways, I feel that one area where it really falls short is preparing our children with the financial knowledge they need to be able to function as self-sufficient, well-balanced adults once they are living on their own and out of the school system. My goal is to provide a way to help fill those gaps. I feel it is so important to educate our children in the financial life skills that they will actually use – sometimes on a daily basis – in real life. I love to be able to share with my students things that I have learned in my life that help me every day – things that I wish I had been taught at a young age.

I currently live in Connecticut with my husband, three sons, and one fluffy kitty cat (named "Whimsical"). I love creating. I love education. I love the idea of expanding our human potential, and I think there is no better place to start than educating children.

Welcome to Orange Owl Academy! I’m so glad you are here! : )